3 Ways to Wow with Wallpaper

Posted January 10, 2017 by Nora Handsher

There’s no denying that wallpaper is back in a real way. And there’s a wellspring of fresh, modern takes on this in-vogue medium. We’re still waiting for that edible wallpaper that got our attention in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (though there is a scratch-and-sniff version from Flavor Paper… yes, for real). Even without those bells and whistles, wallpaper reclaimed center stage as the go-to element to wow for a reason. While we’re all smitten with it, wallpaper can be an intimidating project to take on. Enter your friendly frankophile bloggers and fear not! We’ve compiled three easy ways to transform your space with wallpaper.

  1. Start small. Some of our favorite wallpaper-wrapped rooms are of the smallest proportions. Nooks limited in scale can be the best place to take bolder risks with design. The patterns and textures really sing in small spaces like bathrooms, libraries, and little bedrooms or sitting rooms to create larger than life jewel boxes. If you’re looking for inspo, check out the blog post by founder Christina Bryant, who decided last summer to cover her studio apartment in our Indigo Arrows Wallpaper. Her apartment makeover caught the attention of Lonny Magazine, who also featured her apartment.
  2. Embrace the accent. No need to wallpaper a whole room. Pick the focal wall in the room that will showcase your beautiful wallpaper. Covering just one backdrop wall will make a big impact with minimal effort and spend. Pick a wall that already serves as the structural center, like the wall behind your bed or sofa. Alternatively, choose a wall with architectural limitations – between built-in bookshelves or the back of the shelves themselves.
  3. Get Three Dimensional. Wallpaper is not just for the walls. We love the affect of wallpapering furniture as a refinishing, adding pattern to the unexpected. Got your wheels turning on that that old dresser or side table you’re so over? Our friends at Revitaliste can help make your vision a reality in the Bay Area or NYC.

As you start to think about using wallpaper in your home, be sure to consider color, pattern, and scale. Have fun with it – you’ll be amazed by how drastically you can change your space. See below for more inspiration and let us know what you think. Also, check out our wallpaper line online, in our stores, or through StudioFour in New York.

The rich color of the Indigo Arrows wallpaper plays off the porcelain accessories in founder and CEO Christina Bryant’s bedroom.

Go bold or go home with the stunning, colorful designs by Wayne Pate.

You can’t go wrong wallpapering a nook in your home to create depth and textural interest.

Color is an important thing to consider when picking wallpaper. These cool blue hues (Rebecca Atwood on the left) instantly add a sense of calm and peace to these rooms.

The deep blue color of this Calico wallpaper works brilliantly with the saturated furniture and lush greenery.

The bright colors of these wallpapers give these rooms a playful and lively vibe, bringing the tropics home.

Mixing patterns of art hung with your wallpapered walls creates a buzzing, vibrant display.

Black grounded wallpapers add a bold modernity to accent walls for a sultry, fresh look.

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