Gift Guide Under $100 + Stocking Stuffers

Posted December 09, 2020 by Erin Curry

Looking for something luxurious and substantial, but want to be mindful of your pocket book? Looking to fill in the little gaps and round out your Santa duties? We got you.

Our Go-To Gifts Under $100

St. Frank Gift Guide under $100

1.  Zanzibar book, $95.
This large scale, colorful coffee table book gives a nod to that wanderlust itch we’re all dying to scratch.

2. Red Clay Piggy Bank, $65.
 Handmade in Oaxaca, this sculptural piece is equally chic for your baby niece’s nursery or your dad’s study.

3. Glass Pitcher, $98.
Available in a range of hues, this handblown glass is perfect for serving libations and also doubles as a vase.

4. Spalted Pixi Wood Salad Servers, $65.
These Guatemalan handmade pieces are made sustainably from fallen branches collected in the Peten jungle - an eco-friendly option that also supports our inevitable clean eating New Year’s resolutions.

5. Chef II Gift Set, $85.
 This gift box set of cheese knives is sure to please a consummate host or foodie.

6. Ashanti Fertility Doll Art Object, $85.
 This cheeky gift is handmade in Ghana and thought to bring fertility, health, and happiness.

7. Zip Pouch, $58.
 This catchall is great for a girl-on-the-go. It doubles as a travel case for in-bag organization or an oversized clutch and is offered in a wide variety of patterns.

8. Cusco, Peru Candle, $55-95.
 This travel-infused scent is smokey and cozy, made for this season or a musky library or living room all year round. 

9. Linen Table Runner, $80.
Dress up all these at-home meals and #tabelscapes with an Indian handmade table runner, created with natural dyes.

10. Good Vibes Gift Set, $60.
 This curated and gift boxed set includes a black clay trinket dish, sage smudge stick, and matches. Give a cleansing gift that ushers out bad juju and makes way for a fresh 2021. This is the PERFECT 2020 holiday gift.

Our Go-To Stocking Stuffers (Under $40)

St. Frank Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers Under $40

1. Lavender Sachet, $28-30.
This fragrant pillow is made for keeping your drawers or suitcase fresh. It’s available in vintage and printed fabrics for a fun pop of pattern in a trinket-filled stocking.

2. Baby Stuffed Elephant - Decorative Accessory, $25.
Handwoven and constructed in Laos, known for textiles and elephants, this cutie is sure to please all ages.

3. Matchbox, $14.
This oversized bestseller is made to display on a bar cart, coffee table, or kitchen counter.

4. Playing Cards $15.
After 2020, I think we all appreciate a little extra home entertainment? Amen, somebody!

5. Ironwood Salt + Pepper Bowl, $25.
This Mexican hand carved piece is a useful kitchen bauble. Fill it with anything little, from olives to salt, and it’s ready to serve.

6. Surfboard Keychain, $25.
Our bestselling ornaments are also available in this cute-year round application with a sleek and nail-friendly carabiner key ring.

7. Black Clay Mug, $35.
This Oaxacan handmade cup is a great addition to the home office.

8. Peace Coasters, $38.
This is a decorative accessory that we can all put to good use (along with a little whiskey) after this year.

9. Slim Zip Pouch, $35.
Available in a few patterns, these pretty cases are a great protector sunnies, pens, jewels, and more.

10. My Tiny Atlas book, $30.
Give a little look at the world we’ve been missing.

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