Scents of Place: Introducing Home Fragrance

Posted March 26, 2020 by Christina Bryant

Scent is a truly emotional element - bringing you back to a place in time, evoking the sense of self care, offering a soothing glow - a true vibe changer. All things that, frankly speaking, we really need right now! One really cannot describe (or create) a space without considering the fragrance. Which is why we’ve been working to craft our own line of candles for years now - here it is.

The St. Frank home is rooted in specific values - travel off the beaten path, heritage crafts with a story to tell, and ethical sourcing. We’ve done our best to consider each of those values in this new line as well. These fragrances are inspired by some of our favorite destinations, bringing our travels into the home in an experiential way. Our candles are comprised of soy wax, hand-poured into a handblown glass vessel. The candle-making is done by a female-owned family business based in the Midwest, specializing in sustainable candle production. Our glass vessels are made in Hidalgo, central Mexico. Once you have burned through your candle, soak off the label and recycle the vessel as a tumbler glass, brush pot, or vase. 

How to choose a scent? Of course, you can sniff them all in store (when we reopen - eek!) and choose a signature fragrance. But, we’ve designed each of these to be used in different rooms of the house...

Jaipur, India
Try this in your powder room.

The initial feminine lily of the valley notes of this candle give way to cardamom and basil, inspired by this Indian city’s flora and spice. A beautiful, subtle, floral scent inspired by the Pink City.

Fez, Morocco
Try this in your bedroom.

The initial crisp fir notes of this candle give way to salt and fig, inspired by the atmosphere of this Moroccan city’s historic medina and surrounding landscape. Lightly spicy and warm, this candle sets the mood in any home.

Cusco, Peru
Try this in your living room.

The initial smoky cedar notes of this candle give way to leather and forest pepper, inspired by this Peruvian city’s bustling markets, ancient architecture, and surrounding hills. Elegant, chic and mysterious, this scent makes a great gift.

What are we working on next? A kitchen scent! Experience our scents of place and let us know what you think!


Posted March 28 2020 at 03:50PM by Barbara ZoBell

Please do a very amber, sexy amber candle🙏😋

Posted March 28 2020 at 03:50PM by Barbara ZoBell

Please do a very amber, sexy amber candle🙏😋

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