Size Matters

Posted February 24, 2016 by Christina Bryant

Collectors on the hunt for the perfect piece of art often share a snap of their space and ask, “what size do I need?” We hear your cry. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to shopping our art sizing. Whether you’re looking for that jaw-dropping wow factor to transform a blank wall into a captivating environment or working to bring your #shelfie to stardom with a carefully curated selection of intimate and storied treasures, size and scale make all the difference. Here’s what you’re working with:

How Sublime! Possessing the quality of awe-inspiring greatness, art of the sublime is, by nature, extraordinary. The spectator stands on the cliff of abyss, on the edge of the ocean, at the entrance to a new environment or reality. Sublime-sized art adds energy to a space and fills the viewer with wonder. Looking to truly alter the atmosphere of a room? Go big or go home.

State[ment] Your Intentions. You don’t have massive space to fill, but you still need something that makes a big statement. Drumroll… statement-sized art is made just for that: above your bed, sofa, or fireplace. It pops! Large and in charge.

Sucker for a Charming Accent. Oui, oui (wink). Accent-sized art isn’t too big or too small; it’s just right. Hang a piece on a gallery wall amidst a visual assemblage of your unique experiences, situate it as a focal point at the end of a long hallway or above a sweet side table, or lean an accent-sized piece against a wall, layered with another work of art (or two). It’s these smaller pieces that have the power to add personality and eye-catching detail to a wall.

Good Things Come in Mini Packages. Whether sitting upright on a table or hanging on a wall, mini-sized art is an essential part of any collection. More tactile, mini pieces interact with your space in a sculptural way. Include one on a sweet bedside table, desk, or shelf. Or use one as a petit accent piece and notice how the tiny scale punctuates your space.

Remember: it’s not about the size of the piece; it’s how you use it that makes all the difference. So buy what you love! Love is love.

A sublime-sized Kantha textile grabs the viewer with its textured stitch and colorful folk scenes.

The impressive size and sweeping repetition seen in this sublime-sized Biddew Noir fills visitors with wonder, prompting them to look closely at the intricate details of the woven Senegalese beauty.

A longer and more narrow statement, the plaid of this vintage Indian textile label pops!

Characterized by its geometric energy, a statement-sized Nam Lai textile anchors this vignette.

The shells and mirrors of this accent-sized Indian Shisha add a layer of intrigue and history.

Layered accent-sized works (Huipil from Guatemala and an Infant Ikat Robe from Uzbekistan) make for the perfect #shelfie.

Though mini in size, this fragment of a Moroccan Haik blanket features colorful and sculptural embroidery. Tiny touches like this piece add global flair.

A delicate addition to this tablescape, this mini-sized Organic Indigo sits upright among a collector’s treasures.

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