Tidying Up: 3 Easy Ways to Organize in Style

Posted January 26, 2017 by Nora Handsher

To some, keeping their space squeaky clean is no biggie. Most of us are not those people. When life gets hectic, keeping our belongings ticked and tied becomes an uphill battle. But there’s nothing quite like an organized space to bring peace of mind and a zen outlook. Read on for our guide to getting organized – these tips will help you tidy in style.

  1. Everything in its place. The biggest culprit in an unkempt area is not having a designated place for everything to go. Enter the unsung hero, storage. If you’re like us, the thought of the typical solutions – plastic tubs carrying your prized belongings – makes you cringe. After all, this is the object you’ll be spending time looking at in your space. Fear not! Your storage can have the same chic collected vibe as the rest of your home. Put small objects, like paper clips, candy, and keys in our hand-hammered copper pods or tree root bowls, and tuck away larger pieces, such as towels and throw blankets, in our soft sisal, bamboo, and open-weave water hyacinth baskets from Indonesia. These items can add texture, color, and a sculptural elements to your space, just like any other decorative object.
  2. Talkin’ trash. When it comes to wastebaskets, there have always been more of an emphasis on the function than the form, but we are firm believers in the power of pretty. Why shouldn’t these receptacles fit into the aesthetic of our home? Our wastebaskets, which come in Mud Cloth and Indigo are just as pretty to look at as they are useful. Want a beachier vibe? Use our White Bamboo Basket. These little guys look great under desks and in bathrooms and they are anything but trashy.
  3. Boxed in. When unsightly or valuable personal objects need a place fully hidden from view, boxes do just the trick. These beauties keep mail, receipts, office supplies, and  jewelry squarely within its four walls. Our fabric covered boxes add just the right pop of pattern (we love stacking these for visual effect), while our mini locking boxes from Mauritania add a vintage charm to hold all your treasures.

While we can’t help you with the heart-wrenching task of deciding what to throw away (you never know when that macaroni mixed media collage we made in second grade will come in handy!), we can offer our help when it comes to organizing the objects that made it through judgement day. Happy cleaning!

Our Open Weave Water Hyacinth baskets add texture and warmth to any space. We love that the color of its contents come through the space of the open weave technique.

Use multiple of the same basket in varying heights to organize for an appealing display.

Store small objects in a pretty bowl or box, like our Copper Pod Bowls or our Mini Locking Box

Our boxes are perfect for keeping objects out of sight. We love stacking our fabric covered boxes and styling them to showcase accessories and curiosities.

Baskets, bowls, and boxes make great containers for holding small objects on shelves and cabinets.

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