Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted January 22, 2019 by Erin Curry

St. Frank here to help you out with one of our trickiest fellow glorified soul, St. Valentine. Read on for our gift recommendations for anyone, regardless of relationship status. Order online by February 4 for guaranteed V-Day delivery without expediting shipping. Love on!

For the lonely hearts:

1. White Sage Smudge Stick• $7 • For cleansing bad vibes and ushering in good.

2. "Heartbreak Hotel" Embroidered Baby Alpaca Throw • $350 • For the heartbreaker or the heartbroken.

3. Mignonne Gavigan x St. Frank Beaded Scarf Necklace • $595 • For her next hot date.


For those in lust

4. Sheepskin • Starting at $145 •For its extra pleasurable touch & feel.

5. "Little Less Conversation" Embroidered Baby Alpaca Throw • $350 • For cozying up (and a little more action).

6. Navajo Cuff • starting at $125 • For some jewels that aren’t too serious.


For the lovebirds

7. Ashanti Fertility Doll • starting at $85 • For… obvious reasons!

8. "Love Me Tender" Embroidered Baby Alpaca Throw • $350 • For the sweetest message and cuddling.

9. Framed Suzani • start at $3,500 • For bringing fertility and fruitfulness to the home.


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