Viva Sweet Love

Posted January 24, 2020 by Christina Najjar

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us (that is if January would ever freakin’ end!)  and keeping in the theme of 2020 being different and us channeling our highest selves we are re-looking at V-Day through a new lens.

Until now, it seems like there are two main routes for this fateful day in February, both of which drum up a tangible amount of anxiety. Either you’re attached and you do some pre-set menu that neither of you totally enjoys followed by a stiff, ceremonial gift exchange featuring presents you both heavily hinted towards, thus removing any sort of spontaneous joy from the moment.  

Or, you’re single which is completely fine and great except for the fact that you feel you have a scarlet letter on your back for all of February. In an effort to appear “totally awesome” and not defensive at all, you embark on a month-long campaign featuring you aggressively supporting all your friends in relationships, sprinkling heart emojis on every Instagram you see and eventually being roped into a cheesy “Galentine’s” group dinner where you undoubtedly are seated next to someone you loathe wearing a pink fuzzy sweater. (There is a third route which is, of course, the ancient tradition of eating three pints of Ben and Jerry’s and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary on repeat while you stalk your exes on Facebook and if you’re even considering this option please stop reading right now and go listen to Lizzo until you feel stable again. As a side note, has anyone rewatched Bridget recently and realized she was a mere 32 years old when considered a spinster - holy!)

Apologies for painting this bleak picture of such a joyous holiday. The thing is, we actually do love love, which is why we are so adamant the whole concept needs a shakeup. Celebrate Valentine’s year-round, we say. Champion the people who you love whenever you see fit. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day but a whole year-long mood. 

Giving gifts to people because you love them is one of the best feelings on the planet. Like what about a gift for your mom who still picks up all your calls every time you need to vent about your landlord and makes you your favorite chicken dish every time you come home. Moms are the greatest. And what about your Tinder date or guy-you-literally-just-started-seeing. Why not a little cheeky token of the chicest matches ever. (Get it? Match-es. Flames?) Nothing more awkward than not acknowledging the holiday with a new boo - just make a cute joke of it and have fun. Your bestie deserves  just like her. Because you’ve known her since college and she bailed you out of jail in Cabo and you don’t get to see her as much as you’d like. No matter how much time has lapsed, you can still immediately fall into your old ways of giggling after half a glass of dry white Something for literally whoever. Hey have you ever given someone kind of random an awesome gift? It’s the best. They’re surprised and thrilled and they love you forever. Kidding, that’s no reason to give someone a gift. Or is it… 

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