Curating with Color: Old Brand New

Posted August 10, 2015 by Nora Handsher

Meet Dabito – the truly talented photographer of The New Bohemians (our current book crush!) and the witty blogger behind Old Brand New. His fresh aesthetic is characterized by mixing old and new – a hallmark of St. Frank.

Dabito recently moved from LA to New Orleans to be with his “heartmate.” And we could not be more excited to see his new digs sprinkled with St. Frank art and pillows. As Dabito has refined his space, his St. Frank collection has moved around, too. The snaps below document the transformation of his space in reverse: starting with the final resting place of his art over the mantle of the family room, back to his study, and to their original nest in his guest room.

We are oh-so inspired by this thoughtfully curated home for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we love that Dabito embraces color! He uses bright hues to create a vibrant living space. Note his grouping of prints – a mud cloth headboard, kilim and Beni Ourain rugs, our indigo pillows, not to mention the wild mixing of our Blue Otomí, vintage Huipil, Cactus Silk art.

Why does this crazy combo of color and pattern work? Most of Dabito’s home is grounded in blue and green undertones (including excessive greenery which makes us swoon – not to mention improves indoor air quality and adds texture). This cool base palette allows bits of orange and red and pink to playful pop without feeling overwhelming.  Each room has a different dominate color – his living room, white; his study, green; his guest room, blue – while still drawing upon the same paintbox. This approach makes the home cohesive, while still allowing each room to have its own identity and unique feel, punctuating the flow from room to room.

Finally, Dabito’s approach to moving into his space, and moving his art around the space, demonstrates the evolution of a personal art collection over time. See how the space where your art is exhibited influences your experience with the piece? The surrounding collection changes the story as well.

Explore Dabito’s colorfully curated home and shop his collection. And learn how he makes the old brand new.

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