Curating with Texture: A House in the Hills

Posted August 18, 2015 by Nora Handsher

Much like our San Francisco street style, our interior design style is all about layers! We’ve talked about layering rugs on the floor, but what about art on the walls? And, wait what? How do you even think about layering on the wall? One approach is to follow in the footsteps of Dabito and lean a grouping of art over a mantle or desk, or within a bookshelf. Another, more subtle approach is through incorporating art with texture à la sunny Southern California blogger Sarah Yates of A House in the Hills. For this latter approach, layers of materials are used to create depth. We were beyond blushing at these pics of her new digs made-over with a variety of St. Frank’s textured art.

What did she do & why did it work?

In the family room:

Sarah’s boho bungalow is bursting with texture and color. This cozy sitting area includes a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug, a metallic coffee table showcasing books and flowers, a leather sofa decked in fur and pink batik pillows, and it’s all topped off with lots of brass accents. But arguably the boldest use of texture is on her walls. The color is soft – white on white – but our 4 Cameroonian Juju Hats POP. The arrangement of these art objects gives the affect of a dreamy feather firework show and sets a dramatic backdrop for everyday living.

In the dining room:

There are a lot of hard materials in this space – wire chairs, a marble table, a sculptural brass chandelier. Our oversized Grey Otomí – Sublime adds a softer element. While the modern lucite frame mingles well with the other furniture pieces, the three dimensional hand stitch of of each otomí motif brings her art and walls to life.

The beauty of textured art on your walls is that it adds depth to your space without actually taking up that much space. We’re all about adding intrigue and this is a fairly easy way to do it. Take a look!

Feelin' it? Peruse Sarah's textured look here.

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